Who is Bill Schuette?

(He's not who he says he is)

You might have seen one of those Bill Schuette commercials on TV by now

Here’s the thing: That’s not the REAL Bill Schuette!

The real Bill Schuette has:

Fought Against Equality

Schuette spent millions of taxpayer dollars fighting a losing legal battle against equality for Michigan families

Misspent Taxpayer Money

Schuette put his political operatives on state payroll inside of his taxpayer funded office

Ignored Flint’s water crisis

When the people of Flint needed help from their Attorney General, Schuette ignored their pleas for over a year and only took action when a statewide outcry forced him to act

Downplayed sexual assault

While claiming to listen to the victims of Dr. Larry Nassar, Bill Schuette continued to support a politcial ally accused of sexual assault by dozens of women

We’re not buying Bill Schuette’s BS!

Let’s get behind a candidate for Michigan’s Governor that we can all support instead!

Learn more about how Gretchen Whitmer is working to stop Bill Schuette’s BS this November and make Michigan work for ALL of us once again!


This page was not paid for or endorsed by any candidate. It was paid for by the people who discovered Schuette’s team hadn’t bothered to register the domain name of his own SuperPAC, so did it for him.